Privacy policy

Nissan Parts Sales Chuo carries out general automobile-related business and collects various types of personal information such as information received from customers.
Protection of personal information is one part of our compliance programs. We have set rules based on laws concerning the protection of personal information and established a system to manage the information and ensure all our executives and employees are aware of these to ensure your personal information is properly protected.
We have established the following privacy policy for personal information in our possession.

Privacy Policy

  1. Establishment of a personal information protection system
    Nissan Parts has established a system to ensure our executives and employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and to protect personal information properly.
  2. Collecting, using, and sharing personal information
    We have established rules for our collecting, using, and providing of personal information and handle personal information appropriately based on these rules.
  3. Safety measures we take
    To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we take necessary and appropriate safety measures and take efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
  4. Respecting the rights of the information provider
    We respect your rights concerning your personal information. If you request your own information to be disclosed, revised, or deleted or not to be used or provided, we will comply in accordance with laws and regulations.
  5. Compliance with laws, regulations, and norms
    We comply the laws and regulations and other norms applied to the handling of personal information.
  6. Contact for inquiries
    We have established a contact for responding to your inquiries and have made this information public.

Use of personal information

  1. Purpose for using personal information
    Nissan Parts uses personal information such as your name and address (below, “personal information”) for the following purposes.
    1. To send advertisements or provide information by phone or email about products and services offered by Nissan Parts such as parts and supplies, machine tools, insurance, and cell phones as well as various events and campaigns being held
    2. To conduct surveys to help us in product development and to consider measures to increase customer satisfaction.
    3. Credit decisions and credit management.
    4. To provide the following personal information in documents or electronic media. You can make a request to have us stop sharing of personal information with third parties.
      ◆Parties to whom information is provided
      1)Nissan Parts subsidiaries and affiliates and other parties that have signed a contract for providing information with Nissan Parts
      2)The Nissan Motor Company, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates and parties that have signed a contract with those entities
      ◆Information provided
      Your name, personal information such as your address, your parts, supplies, and machine tools, and information related to transactions with Nissan Parts
  2. Disclosing, revising, and deleting personal information
    If you request to check or revise your personal information, you can submit a form specified by Nissan Parts to have your information disclosed to you. Please inquire with the Nissan Parts General Affairs Department or your nearest store branch for information on how to fill out the specified form.
  3. Inquiries about the handling of personal information
    For information about the handling of personal information, please contact the General Affairs Department below.
    Nissan Parts Sales Chuo General Affairs Department(Phone : 03-3758-5523)

Your inquiry and consultation details will be recorded and used in customer assistance and to improve quality. Please note that, depending on the details of your inquiry, if we determine that the Nissan Motor Company or another party is better equipped to provide a response, we will disclose information to them to the extent necessary and may request that party contact you directly.

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